How Much Do Romance Novels Reflect Women’s Desires?

There is no denying in the fact that romance novels are very popular, especially among women. Hence, with that alone, we can say that reading romance novels can be a great way to acquire an understanding of women. After all, through such books, women can imagine themselves as the heroine and experience what it feels like to fall in love with the hero. The main difference between novels and reality is that there are no consequences or risks on the part of the reader except that they need to spend a few bucks for it.

For those who have tried out reading romance novels, one thing that they would probably notice is how detailed the hero is described in the novel, allowing the readers to create a vision of it in their minds. Well, this reflects what kind of man women are often attracted to – what kind of personality, the tone of voice or physical trait they are looking for in a man. It basically describes the things that women are looking for in the opposite sex.

Oftentimes, the hero is described as someone handsome, smart, tall and successful but despite that, he still falls for a plain looking woman. By then, the heroine will claim that he loved the hero right from the very start. It’s indeed a cliché story.

The problem

For men, the way romance novel affects women gives them a problem. Come to think of it. Is it really possible for a man who is a bad boy suddenly changes his perception and attitude for a woman? Studies proved that they cannot. It is due to several reasons such as the way he was raised or the way hormones run in their body. In terms of mating strategies, most men are quite consistent.

Meaning to say, nice guys out there who desire to be a father already cannot typically fake being a cad. The same thing goes for a cad who actually cannot pull off being a father. In some ways, romance novels help men understand the way women think. In fact, 9.5% of readers of this genre consist of men.

Romance novels allow women to experience the kind of love that is hard to experience in the real world. After all, what woman wouldn’t want a man who only has his eyes on her or a man who is willing to do everything just to be with her?

This only goes to show that somehow, many women experience discontentment with the men around them who can’t even fulfill their emotional desires. So, it would actually be a great idea for men to read romance novels as well so that they would have an idea on how they can fulfill their woman’s desires to make their relationship becomes more passionate and exciting.


Psychologists refer these novels as candy to women’s complicated brain. They feel the seduction, the unusual heat in their cheek and butterflies in their stomach just for a small amount. Let’s give it to them.

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